10 Profitable Types of Online Business Jobs You Can Do From the Missions Field

1. Types of Online Business: Virtual Assistant

There are so many different types of online business jobs you can start, but one of the easiest ways to get your foot in the door of the online world (especially if you have zero experience) is by starting a virtual assistant business. For many online business owners, a virtual assistant is often their first hire. As they look to expand their reach and scale their business, outsourcing time-consuming tasks become important. They no longer want to wear all the hats and would rather work on their business instead of in their business.

Furthermore, VA jobs are jobs you can do anywhere in the world and often require basic skills to get started because clients do not expect you to be an expert. Your job is to implement the tasks and strategies the client creates.


Missions Field Types of Online Business

2. Podcast Manager

Podcasting is on the rise as more and more business owners are starting a podcast as a lead generator. Their goal isn’t to grow into a huge ad money-making podcast show but instead use the podcast to reach their ideal target customer and funnel them into their sales machine. Putting on a high-quality podcast show on top of running a business is not a simple task. Business owners want to outsource the podcast editing and promotion on social media channels to a podcast manager.

3. Elementor Web Designer

While learning HTML and CSS can be beneficial and acquired by joining a coding boot camp, with the number of tools and platforms available today, you can build a fully responsive website for clients without ever touching a single line of code. The Elementor page builder plugin is currently powering over +5,000,000 websites and is used by professional web designers and developers alike. Our website was built solely using Elementor Pro! By learning the essential elements of web design and mastering the Elementor plugin, building websites from the missions field is a great way to earn money. 

4. Social Media Manager

Social media marketing is helping to create brand awareness and drive sales for many online businesses and brick and mortar. But maintaining a social media presence is also a very time-consuming task. Business owners are always looking to outsource their social media accounts to free up their time. Social media managers often handle multiple client social media accounts and are responsible for creating graphics, scheduling posts, and writing copy for the captions, as well as hashtag research and engagement. Social media managing and marketing are types of online business remote work that you can do from anywhere globally, especially the missions field. All you need is a phone, computer, and wifi!

5.Types of Online Business: Copywriter

If writing is your strong suit, then you will want to consider offering copywriting services. But what exactly is “copy”? Copy is very intentional and has a very specific goal: to make a sale. You start at point A, string the potential customer through points B, C, and D, all the way until you make the sale. Businesses hire copywriters to write sales copy for all their marketing materials and funnels. You’ll see the work of a copywriter on websites, landing pages, email sequences, ads, as well as video scripts, and more!

Missions Field Types of Online Business

6. Content Marketer

Now that we’ve talked about copywriting, another great way to use your writing skills is as a content marketer. While copy focuses primarily on making a sale, content is more informal and focused on nurturing your audience. Content marketing does this by providing value and building a relationship with your readers. Some content marketing examples are writing SEO-optimized blog posts, emails, social media captions, e-books, lead magnets, podcast scripts, and more. Content is always in demand in the online marketing world, and business owners are looking for someone to help create and implement their content strategy.

7. Graphic Designer

 Graphic design is more than just a beautiful aesthetic; it’s a way for a business to communicate its story and connect with its audience. Companies use graphics in all stages of their marketing funnel. You may create a flyer for an upcoming workshop or webinar or you may design an email series or social media graphics. If the business is just getting started, you may design a logo or whole branding kit. First impressions matter and businesses know this. So they are willing to invest in a graphic designer to create a consistent and cohesive brand that builds credibility. 

8. Lead Generation

What’s a lead, and how do you generate them? Leads are potential customers to a business. For a chiropractor, a lead is someone who needs an adjustment; a realtor, a lead is someone who wants to buy a house; an online health coach, a lead is someone who wants to create a healthy lifestyle. Every business needs leads. Lead generation is a service you could offer to help other businesses get more leads into their current sales funnel through various means such as Google and Facebook ads.

Missions Field Types of Online Business

9. Pinterest Manager

Often confused as a social media platform, Pinterest is actually a search engine. It’s similar to google and is a powerful way to drive organic traffic to websites. Bloggers use Pinterest for blog traffic, but now more small businesses are realizing the power of Pinterest for organic reach. As a Pinterest manager, your responsibilities include keyword research, creating pins and boards, and pinning consistently on the platform. With the right pinning strategy, Pinterest has the potential to bring consistent traffic to any website. Unlike social media posts, Pinterest Pins live forever and often gain traction as they age. Learning to become a Pinterest Manager is a great job you can do anywhere, especially in the missions field.

10.Types of Online Business: Start Your Own Online Business

Perhaps you’ve been working a corporate job or already have your own service-based business but want to take the skills and knowledge you have and start a successful online business. We designed our signature training program, the Virtual Tentmakers Course to help anyone acquire the virtual skills to work remotely in any of the fields listed above and give the tools and know-how to anyone who wants to start their own business in whatever sector. If you wish to create a digital product like an online course or offer a service such as coaching, you’ll need a virtual skillset to launch your business.

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